Boudoir photography is not only a fantastic experience that every woman should have at least once in their life, but also a wonderful gift for a wedding or anniversary; a unique present for yourself or for your partner.


"In photography, Boudoir refers to a style that uplift women where they pose partially covered or in underwear. Such portraits are sensual, sexy and elegant."


What sets Heredia Roses apart from the rest is his dedication to creating favorable conditions for client comfort, careful preparation for a photo shoot, and creating such portraits that she will enjoy for years to come. borara


Throughout the photo shoot, the photographer will suggest poses and guide you to look your best using artistic direction techniques. Precisely because the clients are usually real-life women, in a session with Heredia Roses you don't need any previous experience.


Heredia works in luxury apartments and only with professional stylists.





More than 6 years of experience.



Luxurious and unique



Throughout the preparation process



Direction for gestures and posing.



Different dates and times available



Your photos will never be published without your consent


Coordination of styles and outfits before the session.



Post-processing of the resulting images



Monika King

I did a second Boudoir shoot with  Heredia Roses and this shoot was for myself. 
It's so amazing to shoot with someone for the second time, the pre -session  nerves were replaced with excitement and anticipation. 
Most people think Boudoir shoot should be a once in a lifetime experience, But I think you can make it an Annual Celebration of YOU... 
Thank You Heredia for the amazing photos I will be back for my Birthday shoot 


Angel Lewenilovo

and have time for yourself ... Release your true self 😉
It's fun, exciting, different and creative ... You won't believe it's really you in that picture, but it makes you want to smile more 😉😊
My life is not perfect, I have been through a lot in the last few years ... I lost a brother, I suffered a minor stroke but still I picked up the broken pieces and moved on ... Life is surely a struggle but if you have the right attitude n positivity then it will surely be a fun ride !!! I thought about doing something different this year or even managed to do it lol or boy, it felt great! The best experience of my life, thanks to you!
You should try it ... 😊😊😎😍

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Evelyn Damuyawa

I had an amazing new experience. I am pretty sure every woman deserves this treat and every Husband receive a gift.  Something I would encourage women whos facing Self esteem and insecurities of their bodies.  you're strong and beautiful no matter shape & sizes or scars. it's unique in every way and that's the beauty of it.   So try out Heredia roses Boudoir.






Heredia Roses makes several tours throughout the year. See when the next time it will be in your city is and make an advance reservation to secure your session.


Please note: digital images, albums, and wall art are purchased separately. Photo albums start at $ 200 USD with order credit. Flexible financing options.