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We are looking for a diverse group of badass women who will be excited to get an Intimate photo session. Willing to share the photos from our session and their views and experience of this Intimate photoshoot with everyone they know!

Boudoir Photography is "not porn" or "explicit sexual" but Intimate, Sensual & Romantic photographic experience. So you should be comfortable enough with your body to  pose in lingerie. 

We will provide you with an Expensive, Luxury photography Experience and some of the resulting pictures but in exchange, we expect you to support us in marketing purposes.

That's the deal!

by Heredia Roses




Who is the

Award Winning, Heredia Roses is an International Artist Specialized in Boudoir Photography. Now based in Fiji and working with his Business Partner and wife Edwina Sefeti.

What sets Heredia Roses apart from the rest is his dedication to creating favorable conditions for client comfort, careful preparation for a photo shoot, and creating such portraits that she will enjoy for years to come. 

When we check your application, we will send you contact of actual models who have collaborated already with us for you to ask them what they think.

I did a second Boudoir shoot with Heredia Roses and this shoot was for myself.
It's so amazing to shoot with someone for the second time, the pre -session nerves were replaced with excitement and anticipation.
Most people think Boudoir shoot should be a once in a lifetime experience, But I think you can make it an Annual Celebration of YOU...
Thank You Heredia for the amazing photos I will be back for my Birthday shoot 💖aw


“It was an awesome experience... I know some people wouldn't agree, but I feel it's an escape from reality and having time to yourself.. Releasing your true self 😉
It's fun,exciting,different and creative... You won't believe it's really you lol in that picture but it just makes you wanna smile more 😉😊
My life is not perfect, gone through a lot in the past years...lost a sibling , suffered a mild stroke but still I picked up the broken pieces and carried on... Life is surely a struggle but if you have the right attitude n positiveness then surely it will be a fun ride!!! Thought of doing something different this year n i managed to do it lol o boy it felt great!!! Best experience ever , thanks to u!!!
You should try it....... 😊😊😎😍"



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heredia roses boudoir small.jpg
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Why we
do it?


As any business we need to advertise and promote. So we need fresh material to showcase all the time. As you already know, Boudoir Photography is a very Intimate Experience so we will never use the pictures we take to our clients unless they sign a Model Release allowing us to use the pictures. Most of our clients book a session just as a personal gift for the partners they are not really interested in their pictures to be shown.

That's why eventually we need to Collaborate with Local Models. Outgoing and Bold girls that enjoy being in front of the camera and create gorgeous images of themselves.

 Why you should

            do it?


Because it's an Empowering Experience that helps you explore your beauty in a deepest way. It helps you discover how far your sensuality can reach. 

Because is a great opportunity to get our Expensive & Luxury services for FREE.


Because it will endorse your curriculum as model.

Or just because it's FUN and you want to try something Audacious and Exiting in the safeness of a Reputed, Respectful and Experienced Photographer.

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